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If you wish for your site or service to be reviewed here, you can submit a form through our site. If you are a service or site that is already reviewed here, and you wish to be removed from our site, you can make this request through an email submittal or else how. A form is available on this site. Your email must be sent through a domain affiliated with your service (, not a personal email address, in order to prove that you have the authority to request an appearance on our site.

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In the event that a court determines a review posted herein to be damaging to the professional reputation of the service which is regards, the writer of that review, not the owners of this site, will be considered liable for these detriments. The website administration team aims to avoid these types of damaging posts at all costs. For this reason, our Editors evaluate our current reviews, make the necessary amendments in order to comply with fair competition laws. We will also collaborate with the writers of our reviews to ensure that their work is fair, original and not offensive.

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