When the best resume services are reviewed for this website, our reviewers concentrate on the following criteria that we think will most benefit our readers: 1) Usability 2) Support 3) Free features

Other than these three, there are tons of other criteria each and every of us probably uses to identify the best resume writing service of their choice.


As the team of IT, user experience and e-commerce professional consultants with good relevant experience, we believe the resume writing service’s website usability is one of the most important criteria for evaluating any site like that.
Website usability analyzes the website’s ease of purchasing process, ability for the customer to contact the resume writing business of their choice at the customer’s convenience, and so ob. The usable website also helps the tentative customer to find a relevant to one’s expectations job and offers resume writing tips. Furthermore, a useable website will also offer information about its writers; allowing the customer the option to choose his or her writer, if desired.
For each website reviewed, a list of the questions is posed by the reviewer, such as:

  1. What services are offered?
  2. How do we contact the company?
  3. What are the prices for the services?
  4. What discounts are available for the buyers?
  5. How easy is the website to navigate/is there an in-site search engine?
  6. Who is writing the resumes ordered through this site?
  7. What free features are available to the visitors on this website, if any?
  8. What are terms and conditions for this service?

The star ratings for each criteria are editorial subjective. We use our skills to rate usability for every website reviewed, and evaluate our experience with each website using a 5 star scale.
1-star = “the website is rather hard to navigate”
3-stars = “the website navigation and information available to the readers may be improved”
5 stars = “the website is good and easy to navigate”
2 and 4 stars ratings refer to the intermediary values.


We believe that a crucial component for any online resume writing service is Customer and sales support. Several factors influence the ratings for a reviewed site’s Support, including but not limited to:

  1. communication methods (email, chats, phone, Skype),
  2. support team availability
  3. support team location (onshore/offshore, if known)

Before writing a review, the website is examined; our reviewers use the information found on the resume writing service’s website as follows:

1 star = no support services found
3 stars = Customer Support is available through more than one communication platform, i.e. mail and phone, or mail and online chat
5 stars = multiple communication platforms and 24/7 availability
2 and 4 stars = intermediate values (**for example: “more than one communication platform options but Customer Support is only available 24 hours 5 days a week”)


We believe the resume writing services that provide some free features deserve a featured spot in our review listing. Free features may help job seekers test the service before buying, or bring more value into the service purchased by the customer.
1 star = NO free features found
3 stars = free features only with purchase
5 stars = free features to everyone and anyone that may be interested in their resume writing services, and, moreover, the free features are advertised throughout the website extensively enough to be found easily.
2 and 4 stars = intermediate values.

Our ratings are our editors and reviewers ratings. We put those based on what we are able to see. We welcome every service reviewed on our website to get in touch with us and help us rate their service even better.

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